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A Method for Treating Jigsaw and Whistling of Laser Marking Machine
- May 18, 2017 -

1, the ground is not connected, re-connected to the ground.

2, bad card, replace the board.

3, turn off the laser power, Q drive, hand gently touch the galvanometer lens is jitter or listen to galvanometer is howling, if troubleshooting, and then one by one to open the laser power and Q drive to determine whether the laser power or Q drive caused The

4, if it is because the laser power caused by galvanometer jitter or howling, the laser power of the high-voltage lines and other signal lines as much as possible apart, in general, can be troubleshooting. If the fault persists, replace the laser power supply.

5, if the Q drive caused by galvanometer jitter or howling, you should check the Q drive and Q switch connection between the short circuit, the signal short circuit will lead to this failure. If the fault persists, replace the Q drive.

6, galvanometer bad, replace the galvanometer.

7, computer operating system or computer failure, reinstall the system or replace the computer.