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Acrylic laser cutting and engraving
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Acrylic (PMMA) is very suitable for laser processing projects, such as light advertising, signage, retail point display.Without any additional processing, laser cutting can achieve the edge of shiny polishing.It can be extremely cost-effective to cut 25mm thick sheet.Acrylic can use CO2 laser engraving machine for laser engraving to create matte surface effects, or use fiber laser marking machines to mark processing to create color change.


Application of acrylic laser cutting and engraving process,Laser beam is a universal "tool" for acrylic processing of any shape and material thickness.In the field of plastics and advertising technology, the advantages of laser cutting are beyond question.

  • Advertising technology

  • Digital printing

  • Store and booth structure

  • Architectural model structure

  • display

  • POS materials

  • The letter

  • Outdoor and indoor signs

  • Acrylic cup


Advantage of laser cutting:Don't need to make additional material processing and reprocessing, shiny polished cutting edge: can be realized due to significantly reduce processing costs, the use of laser technology processing acrylic 88% cheaper than the milling cutter machining (tension and fixed processing time and materials, tools, processing and post processing).