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Application of Penma Technology
- May 18, 2017 -

1, packaging: With the consumer's attention to product quality and safety awareness, packaging directly affects the consumer's first impression of the product, good packaging can not only increase the value-added products or their own strength reflect. Packaging industry mainly uses the packaging of anti-counterfeiting function, logo function, production and logistics management and so on. In the packaging industry more applications are non-contact inkjet and laser inkjet printer, because the inkjet process does not touch the product surface, suitable for irregular surface.

2, the product itself needs: some products, such as pipelines, wire and cable, if only distinguish from the appearance of different companies to identify products, and Penma as a different product to distinguish, identify the icon, the brand method is widely used.

3, standardized management: for some industry legal requirements, such as certain products must be marked on their products or packaging "production date" or "product batch number", such as building materials industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, car spray Words and so on.