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How to maintain laser
- Jul 15, 2017 -

Laser in rain and humid environment, it is easy to cause the laser internal moisutre condensation, such as circuit board dew agglutination, sensor rust, corrosion, circuit board face coating damage, reducing the use of laser performance and even damaged.

How to avoid the laser dewing phenomenon: 

A:Put environment to be smooth, no vibration and impact;

B:Environmental temperature 30 ℃-10 ℃, relative humidity < 70%;

C:Add wet mouth on the optical and electrical module

D:Add evaporator between the air and the processing head, reduce the risk of moisture condensation.

Due to the physical phenomenon of condensation is a kind of objective existence, cannot avoid 100%, It is necessary to remind you that when used in laser, must try to narrow the laser operation environment and the cooling temperature of the temperature difference.