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The Development and Application of Pen Maji
- May 18, 2017 -

Pen Maji since the eighties of last century into China, the nineties widely used in China, then entered the rapid development. With the development of the global machinery manufacturing industry, the continuous improvement of the degree of industrial production automation, product packaging and its logo gradually been concerned about a variety of packaging and identification equipment corresponding to the students, but the initial identification equipment mostly contact equipment , Many products due to their own uneven or their own vulnerability, not suitable for use of contact-type identification equipment, but a device can be separated from the air gradually replace the initial contact inkjet printer.

Pen Maji is an industrial printing logo equipment, with the product printing date, batch number, serial number and so on. Coding in the entire production process is a very small part, but in improving the production efficiency, saving labor costs, saving product circulation time, tracking product quality and so play a significant role. With the rapid development of today's technology, the continuous upgrading of industrial products, more and more enterprises use the Penma technology to control the quality of products and tracking, and through the inkjet printer to beautify the packaging to broaden the sales channels.