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Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

@Lowest cost @High-performance @High speed, high efficiency, @ high precision @operating easy, convenient and flexible.

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Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

1.Lowest cost, only consumes 4-5 kilowatt-hour of electric power, can be used for cutting of metal sheets.
2. High performance,with imported laser power, stable working, the lifetime can reach more than 100 thousand.
3.High speed, high efficiency,cutting speed at 10m/min.
4. Adopting imported guiding driving structure and servo motor, with high precision.
5. Cutting with kinds of drawing and words freely immediately, operating easy, convenience and flexible.

Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine parameter

Laser power


Working width



Resdtting positioning accuracy


Max running speed


Maximum acceleration


Drive way

Precision gear double drive







Cooing model

Water cooling

Main Features Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


RAYTOOLS cutting head
Anti-collision design,height adjustment high sensitivity
  Optional:LASERMECH, WSX America II-VI






IPG Laser Source
100,000 hours life time More stable and cost-efficient Free maintenance


     Lenovo computer licensed software







Cypcut operating system
Shanghai Cypcut operating system ,advanced technology,suitable for kinds of material cutting.


Automatic Lifting Material Casting Working Table
1,High precision CNC fixed casting working table with more stable
2,Special designed small pneumatic wheel carriers ,the metal sheet to be cut may slide along the machine body for easy loading;
3,Strip working table; Steel material,put cutting sheet on it.


France otovario Reducer
100000 hours life time
More satble and cost-efficient
Free maintenance


YYC  Rack and Gear
high precision,long life,Can provide rigorous support for quenching helical gears and grinding helical gears, so that the load drive structure is compact, can effectively reduce the driving torque.


Guide Line(HIWIN)
Ball Type Linear Guideway


Z-axis(TBI) and Another accessories
TBI Ball Screw and another accessories





Raise system adjust the focal length automatically according to the height of the plate




Gas Supply System
1.The gas can flow away the cutting dust ,keep the clean of the machine and working environment;
2. Air, Oxygen and Nitrogen, Argon gas, Xenon gas and other inert gases can be used to cut. Oxygen cuts thicker than Nitrogen, but Nitrogen cuts smoother than Oxygen on the edge. Normally, customers will buy gas from local market,it's cheap and convenient, and customers can choose different gas to cut metals according to the metal thickness.






Tank Chain( Germany IGUS)


Water Chiller Unit(China Tongfei)
The use of high-quality stainless steel cold water circulation pump; "double temperature type" precision water cooler in the laser to provide stable and accurate control of water temperature, but also provide a way and the ambient temperature of the water temperature for the lens cooling.


Leize customized Generation Aviation Aluminum Gantry
     :It’s manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding.After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6which is the strongest strength of all gantries.


Independent Control Cabinet :
       LZ customized Dust-Proof design to prolong the lifepan of the electrical components and automatic thermostat to prevent excessive temperature damage to components in summer.


Leize customized Generation Casting bed
       Designed by the Mazak machine tool designer, the force balance of the machine tool is balanced and stable, and the casting process is skillful. The precision of the cutting machine is maintained steadily and prolonged to 15 years. The recalibration accuracy of the welding machine must be carried out for at most 3 years.


Leize customized Generation Whole Cover
     Designed by a German design company, the combination of high-quality panels and acrylics provides safety protection and uses Akzo aerospace coatings imported from the Netherlands.

Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Industry

1.Sheet metal fabrication
2. Electrical cabinet
3. Elevator
4. Automotive parts
5. Aviation & aerospace
6. Lighting lamps
7. Metal carfts & decoration  
8. Hardware tools
9. Advertising
10. Furnitures
11. Kitchenware equipment
12. Fitness equipment
13. Medical equipment
14. Agricultural and forestry machinery
Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine samples



1. How can I get the best machine for our business?

Just let us know your material, thickness, and working area needed, we will suggest the most suitable machine and professional solution.

2. How to deal with broken within guaranteed time?

We will send free parts to the customer or send the parts back after repaired send back.

3. If the machine has a problem in my place, how could I do?

Usually there won't be any problem under "normal use" as per the user manual. But in case you have any problem, our professional after-service team will provide you any support you need any time.

4.How about the package?

The water-proof film is covered on machine body with foam protection and solid seaworthy wooden box.


Our laser machine passed CE certificate and ISO quality certificate.

SD laser paid more attention to the R&D on technology; we got 6 patents and utility models in one year.


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