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CO2 HS Code Laser Marking Machine

CO2 HS Code Laser Marking Machine

SD laser marking machine with high precision, the total loss of laser less than 3%, and insure the high efficiency of our marking machines, also our laser machines processed with the first MES production line in China, and reduced the cost about 10-20%.

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Product Details

CO2 HS code laser Marking Machine

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Advantage of our laser marking machine

1. High laser beam quality 

2. Loss of laser less than 3%

3. Wave length from 9.2- 10.8

4. with RS232 connector

5. Long life time of laser source

6. Support long-range control with computer

7. High stability


Parameter of CO2 laser marking machine:

Laser model




Average power(W)




Wavelength (nm)


Laser beam quality (M2)


Min marking line width (mm)


Min high of character(mm)


Repetition marking precision(mm)


Marking speed (mm/s)


Repetition frequency (kHz)


Marking range (mm)

70x70 - 300x300

Continuous working time

24 hours


Air-filled maintain after 20 thousand hours



Total weight (kg)


Type of cooling

Wind cooling

Power consumption (W)





Single phase: 220VAC/50Hz

Application of CO2 laser marking machine

Widely used for marking with clothing accessories, medicine and beverage packaging, cutting of fabric, rubber products, nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components and leather products, as code printing on packing box, paper products and metal crustaceous.

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Our company

SD laser built the first MES production line to produce laser machines; it is the only laser production line in China at present, and we produce laser machines in batches, thus we will get a reduce of 10-20% on the produce cost. In the future, we will try to help our customers get the best price in their market.


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Our clients



1. Q: How about the guarantee of your laser machines?

    A: Our laser marking machine with 3 year guarantee, we are the first company who supply 3 years guarantee in China.

2. Q: How about the training of the machines?

   A: Our laser machine with the manual and operating video when leave factory, we also welcome you come to our factory and learn how to use our machine.

3. Q: In case machine exists problem, how to do after sales service?

A: We provide 3 years warranty. During the three-year warranty, any problem of our laser machine, we will provide parts required with free of charge by express. But as for the parts damaged by artificially, we will invoice low cost.

4. Q: If this machine is suitable for our products?

    A: RF laser marking machine used for some kinds of materials, please let me know the details of your product, we will try to test for you, and if possible, please send us some sample, it is better for our test.




Contact information:

 Any question about laser machines, or anything you want, please contact with me:

Jean. Qi

Tel/Whatsapp/We chat: 008613589010921

Skype: jeanqiqi1


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