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UV Desktop Laser Marking Machine

UV Desktop Laser Marking Machine

SD laser marking machine with high precision, the total loss of laser less than 3%, and insure the high efficiency of our marking machines, also our laser machines processed with the first MES production line in China, and reduced the cost about 10-20%.

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UV Desktop Laser Marking Machine

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glass marking uv laser marking machine

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Advantage of uv laser marking machine:

1. with particular less pulse width (<20ns@30k)

2. Laser wavelength 354.7um

3. Repetition frequency coverage area width (monopulse can be 200HKZ).

4. High optical quality ㎡≤1.2

5. Full-digital intelligent power control

6. RS232 external control laser device

7. Particular regulation technique

8. Compact and simple structure, integration of electric control and laser power


Laser model




Average power(W)




Wavelength (nm)


Laser beam quality (M2)


Min marking line width (mm)


Min high of character (mm)


Repetition marking precision(mm)


Marking speed (mm/s)


Marking range (mm)

70x70 - 300x300

Continuous working time

24 hours

Measurement (mm)


Total weight (kg)


Type of cooling

Wind cooling

power consumption (w)



Single phase:220VAC/50Hz

Application material:

Widely used for marking with kinds of metalloid materials, special for white plastics products and glass.


glass marking and engraving.jpg

Our company

SD laser is the global supplier of Siemens and authorized supplier for Chinese weapon industrial group (CNGC).

SD laser owns the first MES production line in China, which can save cost about 10-20%.

Laser marking machine with high precision, the total loss of laser less than 3%, and insure the high efficiency.

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 Any question about laser machines, or anything you want, please contact with me:

Jean. Qi

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Packaging & Shipping:

Firstly, laser machine is wrapped with foam to prevent all kinds’ damage to the surface

And then the laser machine packed with vacuum bags to keep good condition

Last, the laser machine packed into poly wood cases, which are non fumigation boxes as the request from every country’s custom. and seal with strong nails, insure the whole package firm.

packing of marking machine.png

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