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CO2 Laser CNC Machine

The Auto Feeding Laser Cutting Machine is produced for the fashion industry and requires continuous fabric cutting for production orders through an automatic feeding system and a stainless steel conveyor.
Customers can maintain cutting production operations on a roll of fabric.
It greatly saves manpower and production time, shortens factory delivery time and expands production capacity.

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LCD display which is used for water temperature monitoring.

Corel Draw Software: Has the ability of both NewlySeal and NewlyDraw and so it can be employed in both carving and cutting works.

Mainboard and chip: Adopt Japan imported which can control the engraving more precise.

Bearing: Adopt Germany imported and high accuracy stepping belt which not only makes the engraving more precise, also make the machine lifetime twice to three times than ordinary CO2 laser engraver.

The reinforced and thickened machine body make transportation absolutely to be safer and longer lifetime.

Built the heat dispersed fan to reduce all electronic component's temperature. Thus lengthen electronic component's life and the higher technical volatility.

This machine supports any kind of model printer, the scanner. Be compatible with TIF international standard fonts and BMP/JPG/JPEG/WMF/EMF/PLT.

Computer system: Window 7, Window 8, Window XP. APPLE system not applicable.

The Amperemeter and the Regulating Switch is Change to Digital Control Panel, and the Regulating Precision is Reach to 0.1%.


CO2 Laser CNC Machine is suitable for processing non-metallic materials such as cloth, wood, paper, leather, PMMA, epoxy, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic, and bamboo.


Laser type

Closed CO2 laser tube

Laser power

40W(According to customer requirements)

Working area


Cutting speed



Panasonic servo

Repeatded positioning accuracy


Working voltage


Total power consumption


Operating temperature


Operating humidity

5-95%(No Condensation)

Supporting graphic format


Cooling way

Constant temperature water-cooling

Control system

DSP control system in USB mode

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