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Exchange Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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fiber laser cutting machine host

The main part is composed of a bed body, a moving beam, a work table, a Z-axis device, an operation control part, a gas path and the like. The X, Y-axis linear motor is controlled by the system to drive the cutting head to achieve stable, reliable and high-speed reciprocating motion. The X-direction movement stroke is 1525mm; the Y-direction movement stroke is 3025mm; the fully enclosed dust-proof device is used for dust prevention. The cover is light in weight and reliable in operation; the X and Y-axis linear motors are all precision products of internationally renowned brands, and precision positioning components such as photoelectric sensors are used to effectively ensure the accuracy of the transmission.

Workbench section: This machine adopts marble workbench to improve production efficiency, and the workbench is made of marble plate to ensure stability.

Machine tool system

Bed features:

Adopting gantry double-sided drive structure, linear motor design, parallel design of both ends makes the acceleration performance of the equipment better, the equipment is stable and reliable in operation, precise control and quick response;

Competent in all types of processing, operation and maintenance is very simple, flexible and reliable.

The marble frame design reduces structural stress and ensures that the fuselage is not deformed.

Gantry beam: It adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy integrated extrusion design, featuring fast speed, stable structure and high strength and deformation.

Beam stress analysis diagram:


 stable Z-axis automatic tracking system

In large-format laser cutting machines, the processing heights in different places are slightly different, causing the surface of the material to deviate from the focal length, so that the spot size is different in different places, the power density is different, and the laser cutting quality is different in different cutting positions. , can not meet the quality requirements of laser cutting.

 The cutting head adopts the follow-up system to ensure the cutting head and the height of the cutting material to ensure the cutting effect.

 The company is equipped with a capacitive non-contact automatic tracking system, which can automatically adjust the optimal focal length to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board, and avoid material scrapping caused by the problem of focal length change when the material is not flat.

Since the laser head is equipped with a non-contact sensing device, under the control of the system, a stable Z-axis floating function can be realized, which directly eliminates the influence of the unevenness of the plate on the cutting quality, so that the numerical control laser cutting machine has a high cutting yield.

 Transmission System:

 It adopts Taiwan's Shangyin linear motor technology and adopts double-drive system technology on both sides to effectively guarantee the speed and precision of laser cutting.


Other advantages:

Refrigeration system: The optical system adopts a fully sealed structure, has an optical path preview and focus indication function, and has a more beautiful appearance and more convenient operation. The machine is equipped with the latest external water cooling system, extremely low running noise, high-temperature adjustment precision, and long machine length. Time operation provides a reliable guarantee.

Dust removal system: It adopts the most advanced Japanese Yousako dust removal unit, which can effectively guarantee the environment inside the workshop. The Japanese Yousaco dust extraction device can be used continuously for 6500 hours, and the domestic dust extraction device can be used continuously for 3500 hours.

CNC system

It adopts Germany Beckhoff laser cutting control system, with a powerful cutting function such as automatic nesting, automatic edge finding, and frog jump cutting. The software can be designed with the independent cutting process to meet various non-standard cutting requirements. The software program can pass the system LAN and The wifi interface performs the real-time operation of network communication.

It can integrate our company's products and IoT system to form an integrated production and sales management system, which can track the processing, sales, and after-sales of products in an all-around way, and can control product quality and ensure product quality in real time.

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