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LZ3015 Double Platform Laser Cutting Machine

LZ3015 Double Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Main Features Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine OSPRi cutting head Lightweight and slim design for fast acceleration and cutting speed The autofocus system is used for automatic switching and grooving Drift-free, fast-reacting distance detecting device Monitoring goggles Anti-collision...

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                                                                 Machine Description

  Dimension (L*W*H)mm

3015 Laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser: 1000W JPT

Cutting head: 


Chiller: Tongfei

Rack: YYC

Pneumatics: Japan 


Servo motor: Japan YASAKAWA

Control: CYPCUT


Main Features Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

ray tools.jpg

1.Raytools Cutting Head

Lightweight and slim desig for fast acceleration and cutting speed

The autofocus system is used for automatic switching and grooving

Drift-free, fast-reacting distance detecting device

Monitoring goggles

Anti-collision design,height adjustment high sensitivity

Read data via Bluetooth



Accuracy: realizes closed-loop control of position, speed, and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out of step;

the speed: high-speed performance is good, the general rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm;

Adaptability: It has the strong anti-overload capability and can withstand three times the rated torque. It is especially suitable for occasions with transient load fluctuations and quick startStable: It runs smoothly at low speed, and does not produce a stepping operation similar to a stepper motor when running at low speed. Suitable for occasions with high-speed response requirements;

Timeliness: The dynamics of motor acceleration and deceleration are short, generally within tens of milliseconds;

comfort: fever and noise are significantly reduced;

JPT laser

3. JPT  Laser Source

The laser is an optimized combination of light, machine, electricity and soft. Through the control interface and Jeppet standard software, the laser can be monitored and alarmed in real time, and the running data can be collected and recorded. The laser adopts water-cooling heat dissipation design, which has many advantages such as high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, maintenance-free maintenance, flexible fiber-conducting output, and easy integration by customers. It is an ideal light source for industrial laser cutting, welding and other applications.


4.Welding Bed

700 ° C high-temperature treatment, furnace cooling for 24 hours, stress relief, traditional laser welding machine body, precision carbon dioxide plate welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, vibration aging treatment, thick steel plate casting, solid structure, strong resistance to deformation. Stable and durable, guaranteed normal deformation for 20 years.


5.Cypcut operating system

Shanghai Cypcut operating system, advanced technology, suitable for kids of material cutting.


6.Z-axis(TBI) and Another accessories

TBI Ball Screw and another accessories


7.Guide Line(HIWIN)

Ball Type Linear Guideway


8.France Motovario Reducer

100000 hours life time

More satble and cost-efficient

Free maintenance


9.YYC  Rack and Gear

high precision,long life,Can provide rigorous support for quenching helical gears and grinding helical gears, so that the load drive structure is compact, can effectively reduce the driving torque.



Raise system adjust the focal length automatically according to the height of the plate.


11.Gas Supply System 

1.The gas can flow away the cutting dust ,keep the clean of the machine and working environment; 

2. Air, Oxygen and Nitrogen, Argon gas, Xenon gas and other inert gases can be used to cut. Oxygen cuts thicker than Nitrogen, but Nitrogen cuts smoother than Oxygen on the edge. Normally, customers will buy gas from local market,it's cheap and convenient, and customers can choose different gas to cut metals according to the metal thickness.


12.Water Chiller Unit(China Tongfei)

The use of high-quality stainless steel cold water circulation pump; "double temperature type" precision water cooler in the laser to provide stable and accurate control of water temperature, but also provide a way and the ambient temperature of the water temperature for the lens cooling.


13.Tank Chain


14.Leize customized Generation Aviation Aluminum Gantry

It's manufactured with aerospace standards and formed by 4300 tons press extrusion molding.After aging treatment, its strength can reach 6061 T6which is the strongest strength of all gantries.

High-speed bilateral synchronization, professional timing lubrication system, low noise during movement, good stability, corrosion resistance and long life.


15.Independent Control Cabinet :

LZ customized Dust-Proof design to prolong the lifepan of the electrical components and automatic thermostat, equipped with the air conditioning for flying laser cutting machine to prevent excessive temperature damage to components in summer.


16.Leize customized Generation Whole Cover 

Designed by a German design company, the combination of high-quality panels and acrylics provides safety protection and uses Akzo aerospace coatings imported from the Netherlands.


17.Double motor double chain fast loading and unloading System

Independently researched and developed the intelligent exchange platform system, the stable exchange speed reaches 8-15s, and the efficiency is 2-3 times that of the common system. Compared with the single motor, the stability is improved, and the position deviation and collision of the platform are effectively avoided.

Working Environment Requirements


Power Supply

Total installed capacity≤50KVAIt is recommended to use a 100kva capacity power supply
Voltage380±5%Automatic voltage regulation and current regulation devices must be installed in other areas
Grounding resistance                                              ≤4Ω

There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation equipment. Avoid radio transmitters or relay stations around the installation site.

WaterWater cooler waterMust use purified water, deionized water or distilled water
GasOxygen, nitrogenpurity>99.5%Due to different processing parameters of different materials






≤80%,No condensation
FoundationAmplitude <50um, amplitude acceleration <0.05g; no large punching vibration equipment nearbyIf the source needs to be used as a shock ditch
Equipment space requirements are guaranteed to be smoke-free and dust-free, avoiding dusty working environments such as metal polishing and grinding, and must be installed with the anti-static floor and connecting shielded wires.

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