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Laser Paper Cutting Machine

Paper is a great medium for laser processing. Using our laser machine, you can laser cut paper, paperboard, and cardboard for digital printing, for packaging prototype construction, model making, or scrapbooking. In addition to increasing the quality and value of finished pieces, lasers offer benefits such as improved efficiency and expanded capabilities that open the door to new design options and set you apart from the competition.

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Laser Paper Cutting Machine Description

The laser paper cutting machine adopts the aviation light path system, a special dust-proof linear mode, and zero maintenance of the all-optical path to ensure smooth movement of the light knife and high engraving accuracy. To achieve computer graphics (effect map), make a variety of graphics, text, graphics context, rich specifications, with laser engraving software, so that the graphics context is more perfect. Large format visualization work window, large area processing, high speed, high precision, smooth cutting edge, narrow slot, high-quality stepper motor, working area LED lighting, a red light positioning function, patented internal structure, compact size, Reasonable layout, stable performance, can be used continuously for a long time.

Laser Paper Cutting Machine Mainly Introducing

1.The visible red dot indicator - The red light positioner indicates the position of the laser head, eliminating the need for manual positioning.
2.Laser Control Panel Directly display the working process, convenient for viewing, friendly and easy to use.
3.High-quality optics - Imported silicon reflectors with a wavelength of 10.6 microns and a diameter of 25.4 mm to increase efficiency.
4.Motion Control System - The laser controller makes the system work faster and has better cutting and engraving quality.
5.High quality and long life laser tube.
6.Imported Japanese bearings and guides for precise movement of the laser head.
7.Honeycomb Design Workbench can provide better vacuum preservation material.
8.The laser water cooling system uses forced water cooling or cooling, which has a strong effect on temperature control and alarm. Make sure the laser tube has a longer life and higher stability.
9.USB data interface.
10. Laser Software - The use of professional software to control system settings. It has plug-ins for AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Photoshop.

Laser Paper Cutting Machine Parameter

Laser   Type

CO2 glass sealed laser tube or RF metal sealed laser tube optional

CO2 Laser Engraving Speed


Co2 Laser Cutting Speed


Co2 Laser Cutting Thickness

0-30mm (depends on different materials)

Precision positioning


Graphic format

The Files which CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD can identif,(BMP,GIF,JPEG,PCX,TGA,TIFF,PLT,CDR,DMG,DXF,PAT,CDT,

Working temperature

0 - 45°C

Motor type

Stepper Motor

Working voltage

AC110- 220V±10%, 50-60Hz

Water Cooling

built-in water cooling and blower/Industry Water Chiller

System Environment

Windows 2000 | Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7| Windows 8

Optional Spare Parts

1.Auxiliary Rotary Device
     2.Red light beam combination positioning for optional
     3.Ultrasonic Auto Focusing for optional
     4. Servo Motor
     5.Precision Ball Screw Motorized up and down platform
     6.Industrial ChillerCW3000/CW5000/CW5200
     7. Industrial CCD Camera
     8. Rolling feeding table
     9.5000hrs Ordinary Co2 Laser Tube for 100w/130w/150w
     10000hrs Reci Longlife Co2 laser Tube for 100w/130w/150w
     RF metal tube

Laser Paper Cutting Machine Suitable materials:

fine paper/art paper/uncoated paper/handmade paper/cardboard/card/corrugated cardboard 

With our laser paper cutting machine, you can laser cut and engrave pape.

Laser Paper Cutting Machine Samples

Laser Paper Cutting Machine SamplesLaser Paper Cutting Machine Samples

Laser Paper Cutting Machine SamplesLaser Paper Cutting Machine Samples

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