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Laser Surface Nanometer Technology

- Jul 21, 2017 -

In the 70s, high power laser have successfully developed , the laser surface treatment technology into the practical application, then rapid development, has appeared the laser quenching, laser phase transformation hardening of the surface modification technology, laser remelting and laser surface alloying, laser cladding and laser surface amorphous and methods such as laser shock processing.


  • The laser irradiated surface nanometer technology is applied to the surface modification of laser hardening, also can be laser solid solution or laser annealing.

  • Laser remelting laser beam use high energy focused laser beam to melt the surface of the parts without adding any other components. The surface of the substrate is rapidly melted and solidified to refine grain, eliminate defects and improve surface tissue.

  • Laser cladding is by adding in the base material surface cladding material, and by using high energy density of laser beam, to that of the substrate surface thin layer method of fused together at the grassroots level for metallurgical combination of surface and its material of cladding layer.

  • Laser shock reinforcement technology is used to improve the anti-fatigue, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of metal materials.

  • Laser surface etching through an ultra laser pulse in the metal surface etching out a lot less to the naked eye such as hollow pit, the appearance of fine lines and small bead "trace", these tracks formed the intensive distribution and rugged nanometer microstructure.


  • Other methods of surface laser nano-graphic design, such as laser mahua, laser micro-nano modeling, etc.